Rental Services

Rack rental programs that are as flexible as you need them to be

CC offers various rental services tailored to meet the needs of customers involved in shipping live plants to retail garden centers or between growers. These rental services are designed to accommodate different requirements and operational scenarios. Ready to explore the two main rental services offered by CC?

One-Way Rental

The One-Way Rental service is suitable for customers who do not have their own trucks or trailers or need to ship outside their primary shipping markets. Key features of the One-Way Rental service include:

Fixed One-Way Pricing

Pricing is determined based on the customer's base and shelf count. The costs are calculated using fixed costs per base and shelf units.

Scan-Reporting Refunds

Scan-Reporting Refunds: Customers who promptly report their shipments using an approved bar-code scanning method may be eligible for refunds provided by CC. These refunds incentivize timely reporting and accurate data submission.

Equipment Recovery Responsibility

Once the customer has shipped the equipment and reported the delivery location to CC, the responsibility for coordinating the recovery of the equipment lies with CC. The customer does not have to manage the equipment recovery process.

Term Rental

The Term rental service is ideal for customers who operate their own trucks or trailers and can recover CC equipment from retail stores. This service offers the lowest cost per cart shipped. Here are the key components of Term Rental:

Long-Term Access (LTA)

Term Rental customers make a capital payment for a minimum of 35% of their expected rack requirements. For example, if a customer needs 100 racks, they would make a capital payment for at least 35 racks. This payment grants them access to 35% of their cart requirements without incurring additional rental charges on that quantity of equipment.

Continuing Access

Customers who maintain their credit status with CC can continue to access their LTA equipment in subsequent years. This provides ongoing availability of the equipment without the need for additional capital payments.

Short-Term Rental Charges (STR)

Term Rental Customers can access additional racks beyond their LTA allocation through Short-Term Rental. Using the example above, if a customer has made an LTA capital payment for 35 racks but needs a total of 100 racks, they can access an additional 65 racks and pay daily rental charges for those racks.

Seasonal Usage

STR usage typically peaks during the spring season when demand is high, and customers require extra equipment. As the summer months approach, customers start returning surplus racks to CC. STR is beneficial for customers who want to minimize their capital investment in equipment that is only required for a limited period, such as 2-3 months per year.

Equipment Recovery Charges/Credits

Term Rental Customers who are recovering CC equipment from retail stores will usually recover some of their own rented equipment as well as equipment rented by other CC customers. CC’s tracking system identifies when rental responsibility has moved from one Customer to another.
When this happens, in addition to a change in each Customer’s rental balance, a recovery credit is awarded to the Customer who picked up the cart, and this is recharged to Customer who’s rented cart was recovered.    
CC’s Equipment Recovery Charges/Credits ensure that each Customer is rewarded for the freight resources they commit to the market, or contributes to the freight costs incurred in recovering their rented racks.

CC's Equipment Pool

CC's equipment pool has grown rapidly due to strong support from customers since we commenced service in North America (see chart).

CC's pool is now the largest in North America and offers retailers the opportunity to receive standardized order quantities throughout USA and Canada.
Learn how our racks are built!

Why use CC Racks for Rental Services?

Track your Assets Online

More Time to Grow Plants


Order from Anywhere



Product Features

Our racks on wheels help you efficiently move through retail locations, and at every point in the supply chain without a forklift or pallet jack

Customize the rack with our flexible shelf configurations

Truck-friendly dimensions with optimized loading patterns for 48’ and 53’ trailers and box trucks

Ease of breakdown to quickly and economically recover racks from retail stores, and move approximately 300 racks per trailer

Long asset life from use of galvanized steel frames and water sealed timer shelf boards

Low capital cost and low cost buy-ins for customers

The CC Rack consists of 3 components: the base, posts, and the in height-adjustable shelves. Because the shelves of the CC Rack are adjustable, it is possible to transport all types of flowers, liners, and plants.

The CC Rack offers a flexible shelf solution, you decide the number of shelves and their position.

Products only needs to be loaded once because the CC Rack is also a flexible retail display unit.

Designed to be kept outside. Made from hot dip galvanized steel to ensure protection from corrosion.

Rack Specifications:

Base: 44.9 lbs
Post: 7.6 lbs
Base + 4 Posts: 75.4 lbs
Shelf: 13.7 lbs (+/- 0.7 lbs)

Key Exterior Dimensions:

Length: 53.1"
Height: 80.7"
Width: 22.2"

Shelf Dimensions (Interior):

Length: 50.5"
Width: 21.45"


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Prior to utilizing the managed rack resources of CC, we were plagued by the challenges faced by most nurseries and greenhouses when operating company owned rack assets. Some of which were filling seasonal rack demand, rack recovery, maintenance and rack tracking. For McCorkle Nurseries Inc, CC has provided solutions to solve these issues. Long Term Access, in combination with the Short Term Rental program, works very well for us. CC has enabled us to simplify and standardize our loading processes. Additionally, CC’s rack tracking technology allows us to manage rack recovery.
McCorkle Nurseries Inc.
We just added the ability to rack your products from the top of the rack to the bottom. This new functionality will allow growers to put taller plants on top and smaller ones on the bottom of the rack, thus better utilizing the space between the top of the truck and the top shelf of the rack.
Kindness brings good people. Good people are dedicated. Dedication brings passion. Passion brings quality, and quality makes consumers happy, which brings growth to our company.
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