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About Container Centralen

Container Centralen, Inc (CC, Inc) provides North America with a unique alternative to disposable packaging and grower-owned equipment across various industries. Predominantly serving the horticultural industry, CC offers state-of-the-art rack rental and tracking systems that allow you to efficiently manage your inventory and track your shipments in real-time.

Our rack rental options are flexible and competitively priced, allowing you to customize shipping options that best fits your operation. With rental services such as One-Way, Short-Term, and Choice Rental, CC has a solution to fit your shipping needs.

In addition to rack rental, we also offer a range of transportation and logistics services to help you streamline your supply chain. If needed, we have the expertise and experience to assist you with your logistics needs.

CC's services allow growers to significantly expand their market reach or expand their delivery capacity via a sustainable packaging system which can also provide lower costs than disposable packaging or grower-owned equipment.


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Our Solutions

Rental Services

Our core business offers a pool of shipping carts for delivery of live plants to retailers, and or for the shipment of live plants between growers within North America. We ensure that your products move as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.  Learn more about our One-Way and Short-Term Rental programs servicing North America.

Asset Tracking

Our unique industry-leading tracking technology provides better and more accurate data! That means less capital investment and less loss for our growers and retailers. Our leading edge RFID-based reporting and tracking system provides a variety of reports, maps, and charts to assist management of asset recovery from retail stores, asset cycle time and asset aging. This allows our customers to have one system for their combined Container Centralen and Grower-Owned rack activities.


CC has expanded from its core equipment rental services and offers value-added Logistics Services for delivery of racks in addition to live plant shipments.  All of these services are focused on assisting CC Customers to efficiently source and then deliver live plants to retail garden centers.

Rack Recovery

CC uses a combination of CC Managed and 3rd party Recovery Partners in addition to Growers around the country to recover shipped assets.  This model allows for more frequent recovery at retail locations nationwide.  Data from scanned shipments is provided via the CC Customer Portal to assist all recovery operators in efficiently and effectively managing the recovery operation.

Product Features

CC offers a standardized shipping platform which means every rack is the same for every shipment.

How it's built: Our wheels allow for ease of movement within the garden center aisles, and reduces labor since no forklift or pallet jacks are needed. They also breakdown in seconds so you can quickly and economically recover racks from retail stores. Our customers love the long asset life thanks to galvanized steel frames and water-sealed, plywood shelves.

Earning Revenue, Saving Money: Point of sale advertising allows for visual displays within the garden center helping you achieve greater sell-through. Customizable shelf configurations allow growers and retailers to ship and display any combination of products within the garden center. When you buy into our pool of racks, you'll experience lower capital costs than typical grower-owned assets and you can spend money saved on other assets you need to grow your business.

Efficient & helping the environment: Our racks feature truck-friendly dimensions with optimized loading patterns for both box trucks and semi-loads which means maximum cube utilization and reduced costs. You can fit upward of 300 racks per semi-trailer using our rack configurations.

The CC Rack

The CC Rack consists of 3 components: the base, posts, and the in height-adjustable shelves. Because the shelves of the CC Rack are adjustable, it is possible to transport all types of flowers, liners, and plants.

The CC Rack offers a flexible shelf solution, you decide the number of shelves and their position.

Product only needs to be loaded once because the CC Rack is also a flexible retail display unit.

Made from Hot dip galvanized steel to ensure protection from corrosion, CC Racks are designed to be kept outside.

How We Can Help

Let's get you growing!

Our reusable and sustainable packaging system provides the best design and enables growers to deliver various plants safely to retailers.

Ready to make your retail more efficient?

Retailer-friendly size racks allows our carts to be easily moved within garden center aisles. It takes up less floor space and is an efficient vertical merchandising tool for promoting products.


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Prior to utilizing the managed rack resources of CC, we were plagued by the challenges faced by most nurseries and greenhouses when operating company owned rack assets. Some of which were filling seasonal rack demand, rack recovery, maintenance and rack tracking. For McCorkle Nurseries Inc, CC has provided solutions to solve these issues. Long Term Access, in combination with the Short Term Rental program, works very well for us. CC has enabled us to simplify and standardize our loading processes. Additionally, CC’s rack tracking technology allows us to manage rack recovery.
McCorkle Nurseries Inc.
We just added the ability to rack your products from the top of the rack to the bottom. This new functionality will allow growers to put taller plants on top and smaller ones on the bottom of the rack, thus better utilizing the space between the top of the truck and the top shelf of the rack.
Stokley Nursery has been using CC racks One-Way shipping and Cross Dock. The One Way shipping has helped us send racks into areas we do not frequent without having to return to pick up racks. The Cross Dock has been great for getting plants to multiple drops in an area faster and cheaper. Our customers like the neat presentation of plants on Container Centralen racks.
Josh Hammons at Stokley Nursery