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With CC's standardized shipping platform, every rack is identical, ensuring consistency and efficiency in every shipment. Our innovative design revolutionizes the way you transport goods within garden center aisles. Say goodbye to the hassle of forklifts and pallet jacks! Our racks come equipped with wheels that allow seamless movement, reducing labor and making your operations a breeze. Need to retrieve racks from retail stores? No problem! Our racks break down in seconds, enabling quick and cost-effective recovery.

Our customers can't get enough of the remarkable durability of our racks. Crafted with galvanized steel frames and water-sealed, plywood shelves, they offer an exceptional asset life, giving you long-term value and peace of mind.

At CC, we understand that your success is our success. That's why we've incorporated features that help you boost revenue while saving money. Take advantage of our point-of-sale advertising capabilities to create captivating visual displays within the garden center. Our customizable shelf configurations empower you to ship and display any combination of products, catering to your unique needs as a grower or retailer.

Efficiency and environmental consciousness go hand in hand at CC. Our racks are designed with truck-friendly dimensions and optimized loading patterns, maximizing cube utilization and minimizing costs. Picture fitting upwards of 300 racks per semi-trailer using our ingenious rack configurations. Not only will you enjoy unmatched efficiency, but you'll also contribute to a greener future.

Discover the power of CC's standardized shipping platform today and unlock a new level of efficiency, profitability, and environmental responsibility. Your success starts here!

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Product Features

Our racks on wheels help you efficiently move through retail locations, and at every point in the supply chain without a forklift or pallet jack

Customize the rack with our flexible shelf configurations

Truck-friendly dimensions with optimized loading patterns for 48’ and 53’ trailers and box trucks

Ease of breakdown to quickly and economically recover racks from retail stores, and move approximately 300 racks per trailer

Long asset life from use of galvanized steel frames and water sealed timer shelf boards

Low capital cost and low cost buy-ins for customers

The CC Rack consists of 3 components: the base, posts, and the in height-adjustable shelves. Because the shelves of the CC Rack are adjustable, it is possible to transport all types of flowers, liners, and plants.

The CC Rack offers a flexible shelf solution, you decide the number of shelves and their position.

Products only needs to be loaded once because the CC Rack is also a flexible retail display unit.

Designed to be kept outside. Made from hot dip galvanized steel to ensure protection from corrosion.

Rack Specifications:

Base: 44.9 lbs
Post: 7.6 lbs
Base + 4 Posts: 75.4 lbs
Shelf: 13.7 lbs (+/- 0.7 lbs)

Key Exterior Dimensions:

Length: 53.1"
Height: 80.7"
Width: 22.2"

Shelf Dimensions (Interior):

Length: 50.5"
Width: 21.45"

Container Centralen optimizes shipping processes to and from our depots to reduce transportation costs and improve efficiency.

One way we achieve this is by utilizing stack configurations for our racks when they are broken down. By carefully organizing the containers and racks, we maximize the amount of cargo that can be transported on each shipment. This allows us to reduce the number of trips required to transport our racks, which in turn reduces fuel costs and emissions.

By using optimized shipping processes and stack configurations, Container Centralen reduces transportation costs, improves the environmental impact, and provides better service to our customers.