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CC Racks recovers over 2 Million rack shipments per year in North America. We have our own depot recovery network along with customer recovery partners throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our expertise in rack recovery also allows for recovery of grower-owned assets.  Our recovery team manages each and every call or email that gets sent their way when racks need to be recovered, no matter the quantity. Because we do this daily, and are connected to a vast network of growers, we understand the needs among customers may be different, and so we have built a solution that solves various customer problems to help ensure your product is recovered as efficiently as possible.

We knew disrupting the industry with tracking software was going to mean integrating a custom-built portal that provides reports related to your CC account and truly aides in the rack recovery process, not add technology headaches. This portal, CC Insight, has been a game changer for us and our partners, and is the leading reason our customers are truly recovering racks, and avoiding literal finders fees.

Our recovery team manages each and every pickup request to ensure a timely recovery of the asset. For growers looking to keep drivers employed year round, CC's recovery program could offer a great way to offset costs.  Our custom-built portal, CC Insight, can also provide recovery data to those who want to keep their drivers on the road, allowing you to see recovery opportunities at markets near you and see how you can assist CC with recoveries. For doing this, we'll credit your account as a thank you and you can use that toward more rack rentals, or we'll cut you a check at the end of our fiscal year.

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Stokley Nursery has been using CC racks One-Way shipping and Cross Dock. The One Way shipping has helped us send racks into areas we do not frequent without having to return to pick up racks. The Cross Dock has been great for getting plants to multiple drops in an area faster and cheaper. Our customers like the neat presentation of plants on Container Centralen racks.
Josh Hammons at Stokley Nursery