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CC's Logistics Services prove that we are more than just a 'rack rental' company.  CC can help you plan and execute the delivery of racks and/or your product to retail.  Offering services such as delivery of racks, cross-dock, and consolidation, CC really is a one-stop-shop for moving your product wherever it needs to go.

Cross-dock with Retail Delivery

Provide the final mile delivery of racked product directly to the store. Saving your FTL driver from multi stop shipments, potential layover, detention or stop charges.


We can route, pick up and consolidate for Central & South Florida tropical orders. You can place your order from multiple growers and leave the pick up and loading to us. Driver only has to make one stop and he can be on his way to deliver everything faster.

Rack Delivery

You want to use our rental program, but do not have a transportation service? Our CCDS team can provide a quote for delivering empty racks to your nursery from our depot along with product delivery direct to retail.


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We just added the ability to rack your products from the top of the rack to the bottom. This new functionality will allow growers to put taller plants on top and smaller ones on the bottom of the rack, thus better utilizing the space between the top of the truck and the top shelf of the rack.
Stokley Nursery has been using CC racks One-Way shipping and Cross Dock. The One Way shipping has helped us send racks into areas we do not frequent without having to return to pick up racks. The Cross Dock has been great for getting plants to multiple drops in an area faster and cheaper. Our customers like the neat presentation of plants on Container Centralen racks.
Josh Hammons at Stokley Nursery
Kindness brings good people. Good people are dedicated. Dedication brings passion. Passion brings quality, and quality makes consumers happy, which brings growth to our company.
Dawn Wilson with Nature's Way Farms