Green Initiative

A sustainable solution designed to meet the industry's pressing need for environmental stewardship on a global scale

CC Sustainable

Container Centralen's commitment to sustainability also aligns with the horticultural industry's focus on environmental responsibility. By providing high-quality and durable racks, Container Centralen ensures that horticultural businesses can reduce waste and minimize their environmental impact.

By utilizing Container Centralen's depot network and stackable cargo carriers, logistics flows are optimized, resulting in mileage savings and reduced strain on infrastructure.

Industry AND Innovation

Container Centralen is dedicated to enhancing the ecological well-being of the planet through involvement in the development, production, and distribution of sustainable horticultural products.

Environmental responsibility

The sustainable packaging system not only offers lower costs compared to disposable packaging or grower-owned equipment but also prioritizes environmental considerations.

consumption and production

The longevity of Container Centralen's galvanized steel frames and water-sealed timer shelf boards makes them a cost-effective and sustainable choice for horticultural operations, ensuring prolonged and reliable usage.


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