Asset Tracking

Equip your team with industry-leading technology that manages rack recovery and reduces asset loss

Our unique, industry-leading tracking technology provides better and more accurate data to your team than any other rack provider. To put it simply, that's less capital investment and less loss for growers and retailers. Our RFID-based tracking and reporting system comes with an easy-to-use customer portal that shows a variety of detailed reports and interactive maps to assist your team in asset recovery from retail stores, asset cycle time and asset aging. Don't want to use two systems for different racks? No problem. We will integrate your grower-owned racks into the Container Centralen customer portal and offer you one streamlined solution for tracking all your racks in one place.

At CC Racks, it is very common for growers to acquire other grower's racks that are in the pool, which is the benefit of belonging to CC as a Term Rental Customer. Container Centralen’s tracking system can identify when rack rental responsibility has moved from one customer to another. As soon as any driver scans a rack's RFID tag, the rack is removed from the original rack owner's account that day and as a reward for picking up someone else's rack at retail, we'll issue your account a thank you credit, and the rack's original renter is charged a fee to their rental balance to cover the cost of rack recovery. We know how much effort goes into freight resources and recovering racks at retail, and you should be rewarded for helping other growers in recovering their racks.

Reporting & Tracking Systems

Our competitors have outdated and hard to use software that makes it difficult to see where your racks are until an annual check in, and then it's too late to recover, potentially leaving you to pay fees for something out of your control.

Our system grants your team access to our secure, private portal, allows you to see where your racks were last scanned, and recover them with ease. There is no added fee for this service because we know how needed it is by our growers and drivers to protect their assets and secure a higher profitability.

This tool is especially helpful during peak shipping months when logistics costs (freight, packaging/rack usage, etc.) escalate rapidly. It is essential that growers optimize their logistics plan to ensure delivery of live plants to market, and at the same time achieve the lowest possible logistics costs.

How It Works

Step 1

Shipping Location Data

Customer sends location file to CC for locations to be uploaded into CC systems. Barcodes are provided to customer by CC for scanning to retail (Scan Tokens).

Step 2

Scan to Store

Shipping personnel scans the location barcode (provided by CC) and the Rack (RFID tag) to capture the ship to location. This process assigns the rack to the retailer/grower that you are shipping product to.

Step 3

Review Reports

CC provides Asset Tracking data via our Customer Portal. Here you will find all data related to your account to help you effectively and efficiently manage your account with CC. Reports include Asset Tracking and Cycle Time just to name a few.


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Prior to utilizing the managed rack resources of CC, we were plagued by the challenges faced by most nurseries and greenhouses when operating company owned rack assets. Some of which were filling seasonal rack demand, rack recovery, maintenance and rack tracking. For McCorkle Nurseries Inc, CC has provided solutions to solve these issues. Long Term Access, in combination with the Short Term Rental program, works very well for us. CC has enabled us to simplify and standardize our loading processes. Additionally, CC’s rack tracking technology allows us to manage rack recovery.
McCorkle Nurseries Inc.